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3 Points Safety & Health Consulting Services
NOW on A Retainer Arrangement!

ATLANTIC SAFETY is proud to introduce the 3 Point Safety 
Consulting arrangement that helps you effectively protect lives and 
properties at your facilities.

The risk of accidents, fires, and third-party claims from the operation of manufacturing companies, utilities, and other industries are ever present in the business world. A single mishap can result into multiple casualties, huge property losses, business interruptions, costly legal battles just to name a few. These losses not only  financially drain the facility’s limited resources but also threaten its very survival!

You can prevent or mitigate the effects of these risks if your organization is equipped to recognize and deal with them quickly and effectively.

Atlantic Safety Consultancy, Inc. has been addressing these issues and much more for years. We already have the answer you are looking for safety and health management systems. The reports generated from the audit can provide your management with progress of your risk control programs.

The 3-Point Safety Consulting Services retainer arrangement package 
focuses on the following areas:

  • Fire Protection Systems Assessment
    Determine the operational integrity, readiness and compliance to local safety regulatory standards of the fire protection equipment installed at your facility. These equipment includes sprinkler system, standpipe and hose system, fire alarm system and portable extinguishers.
  • Technical Assistance
    Provide your key management personnel with technical safety adviceand the winning strategies that will quickly get you on the right track.
  • Safety and Health Management Audit
    Assess your facility’s compliance to safety regulatory, consensus standards, good industry practices and recommend improvements to your on recent developments on best safety practices, regulatory standards updates, industrial safety and innovative approaches in addressing safety concerns and issues.

Please contact us if we can explain anything further.

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