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Course Description

2-Days (16-hour course)

Target Participants:
Consultants and practitioners, safety committee members, corporate safety auditors, managers and supervisors.

Safety and health audits are tools used by most companies to assess the status of compliance by most companies with safety laws and company policies and procedures. An audit is a "snapshot" of conditions at the facility and provides a starting point for activities to bring the facility into the full safety compliance if exceptions to compliance are identified.

For Companies
Ensure company compliance to regulatory and consensus standards and best industry safety practice.
Focus on cost-effective programs to address facility safety and health risks.

For Safety Consultants and Practitioners
An effective way to assess the safety and health programs of their client company.
Open a floodgate of unlimited opportunities and financial rewards.

Course Content:
Purpose and Importance of Safety and Health Audit
Basic Audit Steps
Classification of Audit Issues
Audit Methodologies
Basic Program Elements
Audit Report Findings
Tips for Successful Audits
Field Activity Workshop

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