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Course Description


2-Days (16-hour course)

Target Participants:

Frontline Supervisors (with and without previous training on hazard identification)

Course Overview:

Planned safety inspections are a central part of most health, safety, and environment protection programs. They provide a reliable way to identify and eliminate substandard conditions and practices that contribute to an accident, illness or environmental damage. The role of front line supervisors is critical to the success of planned inspection programs. His familiarity with the operations, equipment, process in his area is a tremendous advantage in the identification of substandard conditions and practices. Coupled to this, he has the authority to direct his subordinates to affect remedial actions on substandard conditions. The knowledge on the concepts and applications of planned inspection will help front line supervisors fulfill his duties in a planned inspection program.

This 2-day course will provide front-line supervisors with the basic knowledge on the concepts and applications of a planned inspection program. The course will involve presentation of concepts through lecture-discussion and application through simulated exercises.

Course Content

Overview of Planned Inspections
Planned General Inspections 
Exercise 1: Substandard Condition Assessment 
Exercise 2: Hazard Classification Rating 
Exercise 3: Inspection of Facility 
Types of Planned Inspections
Pre-Use Equipment Inspection 
PM/Applied Engineering Inspections 
Specialized Inspections 
Critical Parts Inspections 
Inspection Report Analysis 
Regular Program Monitoring 
Exercise 4: Quality Critique of Inspections

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