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Course Description

1-Day (8-Hour)

Target Participants:
Managers, Supervisors, Foreman, Safety Officers, Safety and Health Committee Members, Production Workers

Industrial hygiene is commonly defined as "the recognition, evaluation and control of environmental conditions that may have adverse effects on the health, that may be uncomfortable or irritating, or that may have undesired effect upon the ability of individuals to perform their normal work." The more the managers, supervisors and the workers know about industrial hygiene, the better they can fulfill or help fulfill the company's goal of ensuring safe and quality production. They should know how to identify health hazards and take steps to correct them in four areas of industrial hygiene concerns: chemical, physical, ergonomic, and biological stresses.

This seminar will provide participants with the basic knowledge and techniques in recognizing and controlling various environmental hazards and stresses in the workplace.

Course Coverage:
Industrial Hygiene Overview
Chemical Stresses
Physical Stresses
Ergonomic Stresses
Biological Stresses
Threshold Limit Values 
Recognizing and Evaluating Hazards
Industrial Hygiene Controls

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