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Course Description

1-Day (8-hour course)

Target Participants:
Facility managers, safety officers, safety consultants, emergency directors, emergency plan advisory committee members 

Would a general take his troops into the battle without a battle plan? Would a basketball coach let his team take the court without a game plan? Would you as facility manager, let your employees respond to an emergency without an emergency response plan? The answer to all the foregoing questions is, or should be, "no." Even though the general and the coach don't know everything about their opponents, they both take what they know and build a battle plan or game plan around that knowledge. Your company can set up an emergency response plan in the same way.

This course is designed to provide participants with the working knowledge on how to develop an effective emergency plan. 

Course Content:
Multiple Benefits of Emergency Plan
Writing Policy Statement
Establishing A Planning Committee
Conducting Facility Vulnerability Assessments
Analyzing Facility Hazards (Internal and External)
Identifying Actions and Resources
Developing the Plan
Testing and Maintaining the Plan
Workshop: Emergency Planning 

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