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Course Description

1-Day (8-hour course)

Target Participants:

For employees who transport, handle, use and store hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Absolute requirements: Individuals must be currently employed as warehouseman, production workers, technicians, operators and maintenance personnel.
Preferred requirements: Knowledge of facility chemical safety programs.
Pre-course preparation: Participants are to bring with them to the seminar for analysis and discussion list of hazardous chemical they handle, use or store in their respective workplaces. Also, bring the chemical safety rules and regulations that apply to their respective tasks or areas.

This course is to introduce the participant to the requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and the methods that might be used to comply with the mandates of the HCS. These methods of compliance often referred to as best practices vary widely in scope and application. To help trainees understand between the HCS requirements and the recommended best practices, each module indicates whether the information is based on the HCS or is an example of best practices suggestions.

Course Content:

Overview of Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 
Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) Requirements
Elements of Hazard Communication Program
Non Routine Elements of a Hazard Communication Program
Classroom Group Exercise: Facility Self-Audit for the Hazard Communication Program
Walk-Through HCS Compliance Inspection

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