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Course Description

1-Day (8-hour course) 

Target Participants:
Authorized company drivers (With a valid non-professional or professional driver's license.)


The companies that maintain fleet of motor vehicles are almost always face with the perennial problem of incurring numerous accidents. These accidents commonly result to injuries to employees and passengers, damage to cargoes and vehicle, vehicle down - time and employee man-hours lost. Alone or in combination, these negative effects of accidents increases the operating costs of the company. Also, company image is badly affected which can erode customer and public confidence on the long term.

According to several independent studies conducted by traffic safety experts world-wide, the major cause of traffic accidents is due to poor driving habits. The good news is that poor driving habits can be corrected by means of proper traffic safety education. 

This course will give companies a starting point in bringing about positive change in their employees driving attitude. In turn, employees will be more responsible for their own safety, the safety of their passengers and cargoes, and the general public.

Course Content:

Traffic Rules & Regulations
Keeping Fit to Drive
Basic Safe Driving Practices
How to Avoid Vehicle - to - Vehicle Collisions
Other Types of Collisions
How to Deal with Common Driving Emergencies
Vehicle Care and Pre - Trip Inspection

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