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Course Description

1-Day (8-hour course)

Target Participants:
Safety officers, safety auditors, maintenance and operations personnel 

During maintenance or repair of machinery, if sudden start-up or energizing of the equipment could harm you or anyone else, or if the movement of any part of the machine could endanger you in any way, you must take steps required to make the machine safe to work on. On machines this means performing an electrical lockout - disconnecting the machine from its source of electrical power to make certain no one can operate it.

But in many cases, the electrical lockout is only one part of making the equipment safe. If the equipment has no energy coming to it and no energy stored within it, there will be no way it can electrocute you, crush you, or burn you.

This course reviews the steps that are necessary for controlling hazardous energy in machines and other equipment. It explains how to make equipment safe for non-electrical and electrical maintenance and repair work.

Course Content:
Energy Control Procedures
Types and Characteristics of Hazardous Energies
Tags and Restraining Devices
Standard Procedure in Lockout and Control of Hazardous Energy
Electrical Lockout for Electrical Maintenance and Repair

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