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Course Description

1-Day (8-hour course)

Target Participants:
Confined Space Entry Supervisors or Authorizers, Entrants, Attendants

Accidents related to confined space resulted to death, severe injuries, equipment damage and process disruptions. These accidents were attributed to unawareness of those personnel about the dangers related to confined spaces and bypassing testing and isolating procedures.

This seminar will provide personnel with responsibility in managing confined space safety as well as those who enter and attends to it the critical procedures.

Course Content:
What is a confined space?
Duties and Responsibilities of Entrants, Attendants and Authorizer
Common Confined Space Hazards
Reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets For Potential Chemical Hazards
Using Confined Space Survey Form
Using a multi-gas detector in measuring atmospheric hazards
Ventilating and purging hazardous atmosphere 
Isolating Confined Spaces From Other Sources of Energies
Piping Isolation Methods
Breathing Apparatus and Personal Protective Equipment 
Safe Work Practices
Using Confined Space Permit-Form

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