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ATLANTIC SAFETY CONSULTANCY, INC. (ASCI) is a leading resource for protecting the safety and health of your personnel, facilities and business operations. We work to provide leadership in safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection to various industries in the Philippines. We provide our customers with timely and customized service we can be proud of.

Scope of Services

  • Internal Safety and Health Standards
    We help set facility-specific standards to ensure the safety and health of your employees and to protect your businesses from downgrading incidents.

  • Industrial Hygiene (IH)
    We help protect your employees from occupational health hazards of the workplace. Our staff assists facilities identify harmful substances, ergonomic problems,  and develop prevention and control measures.

  • Safety & Health Management Audit
    We regularly assess safety and health management performance measured against regulatory requirements, internal standards, and good industry practice.

  • Recognition System for Safety Excellence
    We develop internal recognition systems for Safety Excellence to assist facilities measure and improve their safety performance.

  • Loss Prevention
    We work to protect your facilities from losses due to fire and other perils through a comprehensive and structured loss control and engineering interventions.

  • Accident Investigation
    Working with your facility employees, we investigate events to determine immediate and underlying accident causes, and to identify remedies to improve safety and health management approaches and systems.

  • Safety and Health Program Development
    We assist your facility develop and execute comprehensive safety and health programs suitable to meet your facility needs and your company's business objectives. This work includes risk management and industrial hygiene reviews, loss prevention programs, training, and the preparation and implementation of action plans and updates that follow safety and health audit and loss prevention inspections.

  • Fire Protection Engineering & Allied Services
    We design and manage sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and standpipe  and hose systems projects. We also provide comprehensive assessment of operational conditions and hardware integrity of fire protection systems, components and activities.

  • Safety and Health In-Plant Training
    We conduct 25 safety and health training programs that can be customized to the unique conditions of your facilities and operations. We can also develop other training programs to address your specific needs. We assist you in training problem identification, research, program design, training implementation and program evaluation.

Please contact us if we can explain anything further.

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